Basic Needs of the Bereaved
  • A healthy balance of companionship and privacy
    The bereaved require both time to reflect and time to share their feelings.
  • The opportunity to express grief without embarrassment
    It is essential to provide a warm, comforting environment in which the bereaved can express their feelings openly and honestly.
  • Recognition of symptoms that may result from intense grievingThese symptoms often resemble physical changes that occur during or following a serious illness, including changes in:

• Sleep patterns
• Energy levels
• Eating habits
• Behavioral patterns

  • Support and assistance in reentering the social world
    Bereaved people need to be able to trust and depend on others to help them cope with the new social situations.
  • The knowledge that grief is a normal, healthy process of life
  • Assistance in resolving legal matters and business affairs
    The bereaved need someone to help them think clearly, settle issues, and plan for the future.
  • The opportunity to share their experience of loss
    An active, patient, open-minded listener can facilitate others’ healing by helping the bereaved reach their own conclusions about death, dying, and loss.