Outreach and Education

At Metcalf Funeral Services, we care about your well-being.  Each month, in partnership with Roper and Sons, we offer several educational seminars that address physical, emotional and personal well-being.  These seminars are free and open to the public.

On the third Thursday of each month, you are invited to attend our popular Topic Breakfast.   Additionally, at various time throughout the month, we host seminars on Funeral Prearranging at one of our locations, or at a local restaurant or coffee shop.

To learn more about these events, click here:  Roper & Sons Outreach



  • Topic Breakfasts:   Reserve My Seat

    We invite you to join us the third Thursday of each month for our monthly Topic Breakfast held at 7:30 am at the Roper and Sons Reception Hall.  Please reserve your seat above or call 402-476-1225.

Community Outreach

With an emphasis on providing free education and outreach services to family members, individuals, professionals, caregivers, and the community, in partnership with Roper & Sons, we offer seminars and workshops on a wide range of subjects. Some of the topics we are available to speak on include:

Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate – Every family has treasures, some with financial value, some with sentimental value, and some with both. Learn how to distribute those treasures among family members, or dispense of them altogether during life’s transitions.

Have the Talk of a Lifetime – Sitting down with our loved ones to talk about their lives can be rich and satisfying. Learning about memorable events and people, places and favorite activities, values and lessons learned can help bring us closer to those we care about most. Learn how to open the doors to having the Talk of a Lifetime!

Positively Positive – How many people do you know who have “Eeyore Syndrome” – only focusing on doom and gloom? Are you surrounding yourself with positive energy or negative? Learn how you can start becoming more positive, and attracting positive energy into your life in a few simple steps.

Time Management vs. Energy Management – We often talk about managing our time, about multitasking, and about being “too busy”. Have you ever considered that energy management – conserving our energy and working more efficiently can have an important impact on the time we spend on tasks? Learn how managing your day by managing energy can help you to be more efficient.

Peace of Mind – (in partnership with our Family Service Counselors) – Learn how planning ahead for your final wishes will shield your family from unnecessary emotional and financial burden.

Please contact Jodi at 402-476-1225 or email [email protected] to schedule her to speak at your event.